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Council Family Salon Chair

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The Council Family Salon Chair is a chair for every moment, and almost every setting one can think of. Its impeccable sitting experience is a result of the elegant shape, compared with a four legged steel base available in black or graphite powder coating. It’s made for comfort whether at the dining table, meeting room or any waiting situation. The elegant shape of the chair can be accentuated by upholstering the interior and exterior surfaces in different colours or materials. The toes are specially cast and can be customized to suit different types of flooring.

Technical information

General info

Design by: Salto&Sigsgaard

Year: 2021


W: 52 cm x D: 60 cm x H: 86 cm
Seat height: 47 cm


Model and material:

KT 8030
Seat and back: Fully upholstered
Legs: Cast aluminum in graphite or black
Upholstery: Fabric or leather or in combination


2D drawing

Council Family Series

The Council Family is a series of furniture, which includes chairs and accompanying tables, designed by Kasper Salto & Thomas Sigsgaard, who make up the design duo Salto & Sigsgaard. 

The series has emerged from a design process that took its point of departure in New York City 10 years ago when Salto & Sigsgaard entered the winning bid in a 2011-design competition to partially refurbish the interior of the Trusteeship Council Chamber (also known as the Finn Juhl Chamber) at the UN headquarters in New York. In terms of shape, the Council Family Series stands on the shoulders of the iconic winning bid, the Council Chair.

The Council Family Series introduces multiple versions to increase the usage significantly. The series is based on longevity, responsible sourcing, and modern production methods. A fusion moulding technique that is produced via low emission raw materials, ensures that better quality is achieved while being superior in terms of environmental friendliness. The foam employed in the chairs is fire retardant and halogen-free and thus lives up to international standards and certification requirements.

The Council Family Series at Gødstrup Regional Hospital

Organically shaped Danish designs from Onecollection & House of Finn Juhl are united with colourful paintings, digital artworks, mosaics, and relics by Danish artist Erik A. Frandsen at the Regional Hospital Gødstrup. The different elements are sprinkled across the 375-meter-long foyer at the hospital creating a beautiful setting for patients, personnel and relatives.

The Regional Hospital Gødstrup pays tribute to Danish furniture and art while introducing a new standard for hospital design.


Explore materials and colours

Please note that when using the configurator actual colours and materials may vary due to different screen balances and settings. Also, the versions shown in the configurator are supposed to be viewed only as examples as more materials are available for ordering.

About the designer Kasper Salto & Thomas Sigsgaard

Since 2003 Kasper and Thomas have worked together, from their studio in Copenhagen. With the first prize in the Danish Arts Foundation’s competition; ‘New furniture for the UN headquarters’, they moved into furniture design together. Since designing the Council Chair which Onecollection put into production, Kasper and Thomas have been involved in several projects with Onecollection.