Mio Chair

Design by
Friis & Moltke


The Mio Chair is a classic yet contemporary stackable chair with a low backrest. Crafted in collaboration with Friis & Moltke, it embodies Danish craftsmanship, offering a warm and modern aesthetic without compromising on quality, stability, or durability.

Manufactured entirely from wood at our workshop in Vejen, Denmark, it adheres to traditional carpentry techniques and Scandinavian design principles. The construction of the frame, joined using pegs, dowels, and glue, eliminates the need for readjustments, ensuring a streamlined design for optimal cleaning. With the seat and backrest upholstered in textile or leather, the Mio Chair provides an inviting comfortable seating experience, effortlessly merging form and function.

Technical information

General info

Design by: Friis & Moltke

Year: 2022


W 59 cm x D 56 cm x H 88 cm
Seat height: 46 cm



Frame: Solid oak or beech
Seat: Plywood upholstered in leather or textile

2D drawing

The Mio Chair at Hvinningdal Church

Hvinningdal Church is situated on top of a hill, serving as a landmark in the open green landscape. The church is designed as a single-story angular building that forms two distinct spaces – a sheltered, southeast-facing arrival square that embraces “the near,” and a viewpoint square that faces towards the horizon, capturing “the distant,” providing room for contemplation and reflection. The open facades face the arrival square, inviting visitors inside into an open foyer that connects the building’s functions. The church was designed by Friis & Moltke in collaboration with Hamiconsult and Lytt and is furnished with the Iko Bench and the Mio Chair.

The Mio Chair at Hvinningdal Church.