Our Origin, Ambition & Approach

From our location in a small spot as far west as you can go in Denmark, we’ve captivated clients worldwide, ensuring they believe in our projects. While our journey encountered its share of challenges, our unwavering passion and enthusiasm have continuously persuaded stakeholders, including initially skeptical banks, to support us. This perpetual commitment and belief in OneCollection are why our presence continues to thrive today.

Established by Ivan Hansen and Hans Henrik Sørensen in 1990, the main ownership remains with the two founders who guide a team passionately dedicated to the values and mission of the company.

From the very beginning, our journey has been self-propelled, building a reputable furniture business grounded in core principles such as passion, quality, collaboration, trust, and humour. Our depth of knowledge in the furniture industry and exceptional Danish furniture design has been pivotal, coupled with a perpetual desire to work autonomously, ensuring freedom and responsibility in our decision-making processes.

Driven by a perpetual ambition to elevate OneCollection as one of Denmark’s paramount design companies, we have always strived for excellence in crafting culturally significant, high-standard furniture designs. Our path has often strayed from the conventional, embracing a unique and sometimes unacademic approach, fueling our journey through intuition and courage to stand alone when necessary.

Envisioning our future, we stand firmly as a free and independent company, opting for organic growth that is firmly rooted in our values.


Crafting Design Narratives: The OC Brand

The OC brand is at the forefront of contemporary design, seamlessly blending unique quality with a keen perception for international design aesthetics. We take pride in our collaborations with leading architects to craft furniture with a distinct residential touch. While our designs fit into diverse spaces, our primary focus is on the professional market, specifically targeting office & conference, culture & hospitality, and the care segments.

Through enduring partnerships with these skilled and congenial designers, we have persistently evolved our furniture collection. Our journey is dotted with numerous small and large furnishing and interior design solutions, meticulously curated for various spaces in Denmark and internationally.

The OC collection embodies a diverse range of designs, mainly aimed at the contract market, meticulously designed by talented designers such as Salto & Sigsgaard, Henrik Tengler and Erla Òskarsdottir.

Our History: An Anarchistic Journey

Explore the journey and history of OneCollection through the decades. From its inception, OneCollection has embodied core principles like passion, innovation, and the courage to challenge conventions.