Established in 1990 and initially known as Hansen and Sørensen, Onecollection has cultivated its reputation not only through original contemporary designs but notably as the company behind the esteemed brand House of Finn Juhl. Our guiding principle is clear and crucial: we only embark on a project, whether it’s creating a new chair, curating an interior, or fostering a renowned brand, if it emanates positive energy from the start. Below explore our brand’s philosophy, gain insights into our production methods, and discover the rich history that defines our company.

Origin, Ambition & Approach

Our path has often strayed from the conventional, embracing a unique and sometimes unacademic approach, fueling our journey through intuition and courage to stand alone when necessary.

People & Community

We prioritise and cherish our dedicated team and nurture an inclusive, diverse environment that echoes our core values. Delve further into our workplace and the people who shape it.


At the core of our company’s philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to quality and responsibility. We believe that great furniture should not only be beautifully made but also ethically crafted. Read more about our focus areas.

Relationships & Values at Core

At the core of our company lies a commitment to quality and ethical solutions. Discover how our values have not only shaped our company culture but also guided the path we have taken, emphasizing integrity and human connections.

From our location in a small spot as far west as you can go in Denmark, we’ve captivated clients worldwide, ensuring they believe in our projects. While our journey encountered its share of challenges, our unwavering passion and enthusiasm have continuously persuaded stakeholders, including initially skeptical banks, to support us. This perpetual commitment and belief in Onecollection are why our presence continues to thrive today.

Sustaining Local Production

Over the past 25 years, our production has found a home in our own workshop in Ringkøbing. In a pivotal move in 2022, we took over the company Schou Andersen Møbelfabrik, and with this decision, we produce the largest part of the collection in Denmark.

Our History

Am es ex esedit quament odi ratur, odipsam, quam quaspit laut entemporeici alibust, con reperum et maximi, odis auda volorep tamustios perferuptati cus, omnis seque lautempos.

“Envisioning our future, we stand firmly as a free and independent company, opting for organic growth that is firmly rooted in our values.”

House of Finn Juhl

We independently market Finn Juhl’s designs under the brand House of Finn Juhl, which now comprises a collection of more than 50 original designs. In 2017, we distinguished the Finn Juhl collection from the Onecollection with its own visual identity, marketed as an independent brand.