People & Community: An Inclusive and Open Workplace

We cherish our employees and embrace diversity, ensuring a positive and inclusive workplace climate that mirrors the company’s values. Our employees are skilled and dedicated, serving as excellent ambassadors for our company and our design collections, which they take pride in.

A free yet respectful communication tone threads throughout the operations, guided by a flat organizational structure that ensures short communication paths.

Located in Ringkøbing, nestled along the rugged west coast of Jutland, our headquarters is not just a physical location; it is a reflection of cherished values. Surrounded by the stark and stunning nature of western Jutland and engaging with people – good-hearted, honest, enterprising, and business-friendly – imbue our company culture with a sense of community where actions speak volumes, and promises are not just made; they are honoured.

Most of our team members have been with us for a long time, and very few have sought to leave over the years, indicative of a stable and reassuring employment environment due to our consistent operational stability.

Our employee association, managed by representatives from both staff and management, foster unity through organizing outings and events, commemorating significant milestones, and nurturing a sense of togetherness among our diverse team.

All our employees benefit from private health insurance, and we celebrate their dedication by hosting Jubilees, winter and summer gatherings on various holidays.

At the core of our values lie a steadfast commitment to support our local community. Whenever possible, we prioritize purchasing from local vendors and suppliers. From the fresh fruit in our kitchen and the planning of our employee activities to the IT services and the sourcing of raw materials, we actively seek out local options. Our belief is that investing in our community is not only beneficial for our business; it is also a way to contribute to the growth and sustainability of our local economies and fellow businesses.

By consciously choosing local options, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint, foster meaningful connections within our community, and contribute to the vitality of those around us. It is our way of ensuring that when we experience growth, it resonates positively throughout our surroundings.

Furthermore, our engagement extends into the local community, actively supporting various local associations and activities, notably in soccer and handball.

Our Contribution

Steadfastly, we support the NGO Little Big Help, annually generating funds through sales and donating furniture to auctions.

Additionally, with every sale of a Finn Juhl furniture piece, a royalty fee is paid to the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation. Discover how we contribute.