Relationships and Values at Core

At the core of our company, we have maintained a steadfast commitment to quality and ethical solutions for over 30 years. These values not only shape our company culture but also guide our journey, emphasizing integrity and fostering meaningful human connections – even in our business relationships.

We cherish strong relationships, which is evident in our prioritization of investments in people, whether it’s the treatment of our partners, the prioritizing of Danish production, or support for the local community.

All of this aligns with our unwavering dedication to sustainable growth and the betterment of our surroundings.

The City of Ringkøbing: Our Home, The World Our Arena

Spanning 45 markets, we have steadfastly dedicated ourselves to providing unwavering quality and pragmatic solutions that stand the test of time, thereby guaranteeing customer satisfaction. This dedication has cultivated a vast network for us, positioning us favorably in the market.

We have earned recognition not merely for our exceptional furniture design and quality but also for maintaining integrity in our business operations and in social and interpersonal relationships. Our company culture and conduct, from the get-go, have been shaped by a set of guiding dogmas and strong, attitude-influenced values like quality, aesthetics, joie de vivre, personality and local anchoring.

Consistently, our company’s path has been shaped by our soft, behavior-influencing values rather than by rigid financial pursuits.

Nestled in the city of Ringkøbing, on the rugged west coast of Jutland, our headquarters is not just a location but a reflection of cherished values. Proximity to the stark and stunning nature of western Jutland and engaging with people—good-hearted, honest, enterprising, and business-friendly—imbue our company culture with a sense of community where actions speak as loudly as words. A promise here is not just uttered; it’s upheld.

Our engagement extends into the local community, embodying active support for various associations and activities, notably in football and handball. Steadfastly, we support a charitable organization, annually generating funds through diverse events and donating furniture to auctions, thereby furthering various charitable endeavors.

The People of OC

We cherish our employees and embrace diversity, ensuring a positive and inclusive workplace climate that mirrors the company’s values. Most team members have been with us for numerous years, and very few have sought to leave over the years, indicative of a stable and reassuring employment environment due to our consistent operational stability. Our employees are skilled and dedicated, serving as excellent ambassadors for our company and our design collections, which they take pride in.