Gødstrup Regional Hospital Receives Prestigious Award

Gødstrup Regional Hospital Receives the award Art Installation of the Year for the installation at the 300-meter-long foyer: The award is presented annually by Design in Mental Health in the United Kingdom.

It was architectural firm Arkitema, part of the consortium that sketched and designed Regionshospitalet Gødstrup, that nominated the integrated artworks by Erik A. Frandsen in the foyer for this prestigious international award. The foyer is furnished with the Council Family Series by designers Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard, as well as some of Finn Juhl’s most iconic designs.

In the nomination for the design prize it is stated: “Regionshospitalet Gødstrup challenges traditional hospital design and has an innovative approach to art, where artworks in meditative colors by the renowned artist, Erik A. Frandsen, adorn specific areas of the hospital. Erik A. Frandsen’s integrated artworks contribute to creating a safer and calmer environment, which has a positive impact on treatment and the atmosphere.”

Director of Health at Gødstrup, Rikke Degn says about the award: “We can indeed be proud that the decoration of the hospital’s foyer has won Art Installation of the Year. I am very pleased that the visionary collaboration involving architecture, artistic decoration, furnishing, wayfinding, and flow within the hospital is now being recognized so well beyond the country’s borders.”

Artist Erik A. Frandsen tells about the interplay between art, architecture, and furniture: “It should feel like a welcoming, inclusive space to step into. This includes the cohesive yet diverse approach with the 15 colored fiber cement facades, each with its specific color scheme for the entrances, fresco painting, mirror-polished steel artwork, glass mosaic, column lighting, and interactive screens wrapped around 3 of the foyer’s columns. It has been an ongoing artistic dialogue with the architecture and the furnishing of the foyer, with a color scheme coordinated with the art.”