Erla Sólveig Oskarsdóttir

Erla Sólveig Oskarsdóttir is born in Iceland but got her education in industrial design from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen in 1993. She moved back to Reykjavik after finishing her studies to work as an independent designer. She works in furniture design and cooperates with companies in Europe and USA.

Erla Sólveig Oskarsdóttir

Along with working independently, she has collaborated with various production companies in Europe, Latin America and USA.
Erla has participated in numerous exhibitions and many of her creations have been honored internationally.

Onecollection has worked with Erla since 1997 and her speciality is chairs with an elegant organic form and great seating comfort.

Bessi, Formel B and the plastic chair Ames Einn are all examples of her unusual talent. Erla has her own design company Oskars Design in Reykjavik where she is living.

Bessi Chair by Erla Sólveig Óskarsdóttir

Bessi Chair is a light, stackable chair designed by the Icelandic designer Erla Sólveig Óskarsdóttir in 2000. The compact, yet feather light, expression of Bessi Chair unites minimalistic design and comfort. The frame offers an integrated armrest and connects the primary elements, ensuring durability and stability. With its all-around qualities, it is well-suited for numerous settings, private as well as public. The shell of the Bessi Chair comes in either oak or walnut veneer or in black or white plastic. The chair can be delivered fully upholstered, with seat upholstery only, or without upholstery. Bessi Chair can be upholstered in fabric or leather. The frame is available in chrome, satin chrome or painted steel in multiple colours.