Jonas Lyndby Jensen

With a background as both a cabinetmaker and furniture designer, Jonas Lyndby Jensen has a broad understanding of both craft and design, especially of wooden furniture based on the Scandinavian traditions. For more than 10 years he has developed, prototyped and exhibited furniture design cooperating with various manufacturers in Denmark and internationally.

About Jonas Lyndby Jensen

Jonas Lyndby Jensen was born in Hjørring, Denmark in 1976. He served his apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker and went on to study furniture design at The Royal Danish Academy of Design where he graduated in 2009.

Jonas has an artisans approach to design and cabinetmaking. He has an innate eye for detail and aesthetics. Upholding the Scandinavian traditions, Jonas has a lifelong passion for making beautifully crafted wood furnishings and products. He will often find his inspiration close to home: in the Scandinavian nature. Rooted in Nordic furniture tradition and famous Nordic pieces, Jonas aims to shape designs with a modern twist.

Every year, the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation awards the prestigious Finn Juhl award to a person who has contributed a significant effort to furniture design. Jonas Lyndby Jensen received the award in 2020.

‘Åkande’ means Water Lily in Danish and is a furniture series designed by Jonas Lyndby Jensen, former winner of the Finn Juhl Prize. The series, which counts two stools, one side table, and a desk, is characterized by its irresistible detailing around the edges, reminiscent of a single leaf from a Water Lily.

Jonas Lyndby Jensen tells about the inspiration for the Åkande Series:

“One of the early images that popped into my mind when designing the series was the leaf of a Water Lily. My dad used to swim in lakes and pick Water Lilies. However, the association in my mind was not to the flower, but rather the round, flat leaf with the protruding collar. The flower of a Water Lily is the star of the lake, and the leaf serves to support it. In similar fashion, I humbly perceive my line of designs as a supplement to those of my idol, Finn Juhl.”