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Åkande Stool

Design by
Jonas Lyndby Jensen


‘Åkande’, translating to Water Lily in Danish, unveils a multifaceted furniture series crafted by Jonas Lyndby Jensen, an esteemed recipient of the Finn Juhl Prize. The Åkande Stool with 4 legs, which seamlessly doubles as a side table, harmoniously complements classic lounge chairs, such as those designed by Finn Juhl. Not only adorned with thoughtful details, like its refined edge, but the Åkande Stool also stands as a paradigm of both aesthetic appeal and functionality, boasting an impressive stability. Elegantly crafted from solid oak, it assures durability while representing a timeless design.

Technical information

General Info

Design by: Jonas Lyndby Jensen

Year: 2022


L 60 cm x W 40 cm x H 46 cm


Model and materials:

JL 1914
Solid oak or walnut

2D Drawing

Soft Expression and Durable Design

The series, which counts two stools, one side table, and a desk, is characterized by its irresistible detailing around the edges, reminiscent of a single leaf from a Water Lily. This feature strives to soften the appearance of the hard wood and give the design a living and organic shape. In order to achieve this result, wood as the sole material plays a crucial role, as artificial materials would never allow for the same degree of tactility, warmth and sensuousness.

Jonas Lyndby Jensen tells about the Åkande Series

“One of the early images that popped into my mind when designing the series was the leaf of a Water Lily. My dad used to swim in lakes and pick Water Lilies. However, the association in my mind was not to the flower, but rather the round, flat leaf with the protruding collar. The flower of a Water Lily is the star of the lake, and the leaf serves to support it. In similar fashion, I humbly perceive my line of designs as a supplement to those of my idol, Finn Juhl.”



Jonas Lyndby Jensen

With a background as both a cabinetmaker and furniture designer, Jonas Lyndby Jensen has a broad understanding of both craft and design, especially of wooden furniture based on the Scandinavian traditions. For more than 10 years he has developed, prototyped and exhibited furniture design cooperating with various manufacturers in Denmark and internationally.