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Ako Sofa

Design by
Friis & Moltke


Designed by Friis & Moltke, the Ako Sofa Series introduces a novel perspective to the traditional sofa, blending a design that is both stringent and inviting. The series features a visible solid wood frame that harmonizes with soft upholstery, crafting a sofa that not only serves as an elegant room divider but also fosters an intimate space for confidential conversations. This versatile piece is specifically crafted to meet the diverse needs of libraries, museums, offices, and institutions, embodying a balance of aesthetic appeal and functional design. The sofa is available in two sizes and can be upholstered in textile or leather.

Technical information

General info

Design by: Friis & Moltke

Year: 2024


Ako 2-seater:
L: 155 cm W: 68 cm H: 138 cm SH: 48 cm
Ako 2,5-seater:
L: 185 cm W: 68 cm H: 138 cm SH: 48 cm



Frame: Solid oak or beech
Upholstery: Leather or textile


2D drawing

The Ako Sofa Series stands out for its excellent user support and seating comfort, achieved through minimal stitching and sealed upholstery that ensure optimal hygiene and easy maintenance. The solid wood legs not only provide sturdy support but also extend along the upholstered sides, culminating in anchor points for the sofa’s cushions, highlighting the thoughtful integration of form and function.

An innovative feature of this series is the removable cushions, which, when taken away, reveal a hidden 5 cm wide vertical column. This detail is particularly beneficial for use in institutional settings, offering an ideal solution for maintenance and flexibility, and underscores the sofa’s thoughtful design tailored to professional environments.