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Council Lounge Chair

Design by
Salto & Sigsgaard


The Council Lounge Chair is a lower and slightly reclined version of the original Council Chair. The Council Chair was designed in 2011 by Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard for the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the U.N. Headquarters in New York. The chair is well-thought out, shaped with the human body in mind and made in form-pressed patented 3D veneer in oak or walnut. The chair is upholstered in leather or textile.

Technical information

General Info

Design by: Salto & Sigsgaard

Year: 2011


W 66cm x D 60cm x H 76cm
Seat height: 43cm


Model and materials:

Back and seat: 3D veneer w/ upholstered inside.
Legs: Cast, polished aluminium incl. swivel.
Upholstery: Fabric or leather.

KT8024 (fully upholstered)
Back and seat: 3D veneer, fully upholstered.
Legs: Cast, polished aluminium incl. swivel.
Upholstery: Fabric or leather.

2D Drawing

The Council Chair for Lounge Areas

The Council Lounge Chair offers supreme comfort, which makes the chair a perfect choice for lounge areas, reception spaces, and even casual conferences. Its eye-catching sculptural design is crafted using form-pressed patented 3D veneer in either oak or walnut, complemented by a variety of fabric or leather upholstery options. If you prefer a fully upholstered version, that’s also available.

The chair’s swivel base is impressively made from polished cast aluminum, adding to its overall refined look. Experience unparalleled sophistication by incorporating the Council Lounge Chair into your space.


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Made for the United Nations: The Creation of the Council Chair

Council is not just another chair. Council is a design process that took its point of departure in New York City 10 years ago. In 2011, Kasper Salto & Thomas Sigsgaard, who make up the design duo Salto & Sigsgaard, entered the winning bid in a design competition to partially refurbish the interior of the Trusteeship Council Chamber (also known as the Finn Juhl Chamber) at the UN headquarters in New York. The chamber has been repurposed multiple times and it is today the most heavily used, in which all UN members are represented.

Kasper Salto & Thomas Sigsgaard

Since 2003 Kasper and Thomas have worked together, from their studio in Copenhagen. With the first prize in the Danish Arts Foundation’s competition; ‘New furniture for the UN headquarters’, they moved into furniture design together. Since designing the Council Chair, Kasper and Thomas have been involved in several projects with Onecollection.