Waste Management

We are committed to systematically reducing the amount of waste generated from our production processes. For instance, we carefully collect and separate textile and leather waste, ensuring that it can either be repurposed, used in smaller products, or passed on to other businesses that can incorporate it into their production, thus extending the lifespan of these materials.

In our offices, warehouses and production sites, we also work hard to reduce our residual waste and sort in as many fractions as possible. We are particularly focused on re-using and recycling cardboard as this is our biggest waste fraction.


We are committed to consistently reducing our use of plastic and cardboard. As a result, we deliver a large part of the collection, in our own trucks to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany, using only blankets to protect the furniture, eliminating the need for disposable materials.

The safe delivery of our furniture is crucial, as any damage during transit not only results in the waste of materials, labour, time, and transportation resources but also necessitates restarting the production process.

When using packaging, it is designed to guarantee that all furniture arrives at their destination in impeccable condition. Further, we prioritize responsibly sourced materials, such as FSC©-certified cardboard boxes sourced from responsibly managed forestry.

By using as few different materials as possible, we make recycling easier while reducing the reliance on adhesives and foam.

We are always exploring new packaging solutions. This includes finding smarter methods for packing our furniture and materials to further reduce our environmental impact.

Sustaining Local Production

Over the past 25 years, our production has found a home in our own workshop in Ringkøbing. In a pivotal move in 2022, we took over the company Schou Andersen Møbelfabrik, and with this decision, we produce the largest part of the collection in Denmark. Read more about our focus on local production.