Whistleblower Reporting System

At OneCollection we insist on an open, trustful and responsible cooperation.

As an employee, partner, or supplier with OneCollection, you can anonymously report serious matters or reasonable suspicions of such matters through our whistleblower reporting system.

The reporting system enables you to share information about reprehensible actions, ethical breaches, illegal activities, or violation of internal policies. Its purpose is to shed light on issues that might otherwise remain undisclosed.

Information can be submitted confidentially with indication of name and contact information, or, if desired, 100% anonymously. All submissions are treated securely handled with strict confidentiality.

Using the system, you can initiate a new secure report or follow up on an existing one. Following up on your reports can be relevant for various reasons:

1) Checking the status of your report to ensure action is being taken.
2) Providing additional information to supplement your initial report.
3) Assisting system administrators by supplying requested additional information to help them resolve the issue or take the appropriate action.

It is important to note that HR-related matters should not be reported through this system. Instead, these issues should be discussed with your immediate manager, director or the HR department.

To access the whistleblower reporting system, click here.


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