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Time Bar Stool

Design by
Henrik Tengler


Henrik Tengler’s Time Bar Stool, designed in 2015, harmoniously blends minimalist design with versatile functionality. Featuring a slender steel frame and a distinct upholstered seat, this stool offers both aesthetic appeal and unwavering stability, available in various customisable options to enhance diverse environments.

Technical information

General Info

Design by: Henrik Tengler

Year: 2015


HT 2266 (small)
W 36 cm x D 36 cm
Seat height: 65.5 cm

HT 2288 (large)
W 36 cm x D 36 cm
Seat height: 75 cm


Model and materials:

HT 2266 (small)
HT 2288 (large)
Legs: Chrome or black painted.
Upholstered seat w/button in fabric or leather.

2D Drawing

Contemporary and Minimalistic Aesthetics

The Time Bar Stool, designed by Henrik Tengler in 2015, represents a seamless addition to the esteemed Time series. The chair encapsulates a minimalistic aesthetic through its slender steel frame while offering a contemporary and optionally colourful disposition through its round upholstered seat, accented with a central dot.

Despite its minimalist appearance, the Time Bar Stool does not compromise on stability or strength, rendering it apt for varied environments including restaurants, bars, hotels, dynamic workspaces, and residential kitchen counters. Customisation is afforded through a selection of fabric or leather for the seat and button, with the potential for mixing materials and colours to achieve a personalised design.

The frame is available in either chrome or black painted steel, presenting additional adaptability in aesthetics. Moreover, the stool is offered in both counter and bar height to accommodate diverse setting requirements.”


SINO Danish Center: A University Partnership Between Denmark and China

The interior of the entire building was planned by Danish designer Henrik Tengler. It is furnished using Onecollection’s furniture and has been carried out in close cooperation with Sino Danish Center.

Henrik Tengler

Henrik Tengler graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1988 and has more than 26 years of experience with furniture design and interior design. In 1992 Onecollection put the first chair from Henrik Tengler into production. The chair named Chairman later on became Onecollection’s best selling piece of furniture with more than 60.000 sold to date.