Time Chair

Design by
Henrik Tengler


The Time Chair, designed by Henrik Tengler in 2012, is a dynamic and comfortable conference chair. Its design deliberately diverges from passing trends, instead embracing the cosmopolitan functionalism of the Bauhaus period. The chair features an innovative steel construction that balances aesthetics and strength while maintaining a minimalist appearance. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and supportive seating experience throughout the day.

The Time Chair is available in either chrome or black-painted steel with upholstery in leather or textile. Additionally, you can choose between two configurations: one with four legs and a swivel function or another with five legs, wheels, and an adjustable seat. 

Technical information

General Info

Design by: Henrik Tengler

Year: 2012


W 57cm x D 55cm x H 80cm
Seat height: 46cm/42-53cm (lift version)


Model and materials:

HT 2012
Chrome or black painted, 4-star frame with feet, incl. swivel.
Upholstery: Fabric or leather.

HT 2014
Chrome or black painted, 5-star frame with castors, incl. gas lift, swivel and tilt.
Upholstery: Fabric or leather.

2D Drawing

To the naked eye, the Time Chair may appear simple and minimalist in its appearance. However, behind its simplicity lies a design that pushes the boundaries of how a chair can be composed. The chair was designed in 2012 and is characterized by Henrik Tengler’s focus on functionality and his innovative approach to working with materials. The chair’s frame has been reduced to the bare minimum and challenges the limits of what the material can support. The wire in the frame is made from specially crafted steel, ensuring the chair’s durability and strength, thereby allowing it to maintain its functional and aesthetic expression.

The Time Chair upholstered in ‘Reflex’ by Kvadrat in the colour 0779.

The Time Chair upholstered in ‘Reflex’ by Kvadrat in the colour 0779.


Explore materials and colours

Please note that when using the configurator actual colours and materials may vary due to different screen balances and settings. Also, the versions shown in the configurator are supposed to be viewed only as examples as more materials are available for ordering.

The Time Chair at the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research

The first pen strokes in the creation of the House of the Danish Industry Foundation were drawn in 2010 when Denmark hosted an architectural competition by invitation. It was a condition that the proposed building should be in accordance with Danish values and standards and show respect for the inspiring Chinese environment. The competition was won by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects in cooperation with COWI. The complete furnishing was done by OneCollection. 

Henrik Tengler

Henrik Tengler graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1988 and has more than 26 years of experience with furniture design and interior design. In 1992 Onecollection put the first chair from Henrik Tengler into production. The chair named Chairman later on became Onecollection’s best selling piece of furniture with more than 60.000 sold to date.