Conscious Energy Consumption

In 2022, we took significant steps towards our commitment to green energy sustainability. At our two in-house factories in Denmark, we achieved a remarkable milestone by utilizing 99% renewable energy for our electricity needs, sourced from wind power and our own solar panel installations.

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond energy sourcing; we also engage in a continuous effort to reduce our electricity consumption. This involves ongoing staff training initiatives and the strategic acquisition of new machinery designed for lower energy consumption.

Furthermore, we’ve made substantial progress in greening our heating processes. Last year, renewable energy sources accounted for 84% of our heating needs at our Danish facilities, with a focus on clean waste wood for heating at our factory in the city of Vejen when possible.

Recognizing that transportation plays a role in our energy footprint, we are constantly working to optimize our transport operations, striving for efficiency improvements and greener solutions.

At our new headquarters in the city of Ringkøbing, we’ve taken steps to minimize energy consumption, with the facility designed for energy efficiency. Solar panels have been installed on the roof to harness renewable energy, and charging stations are available to support the use of electric vehicles by our employees and guests.

Packaging & Waste Management

We are firmly committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainability in all aspects of our operations. This includes systematic waste reduction, efficient recycling processes, and responsible packaging practices that prioritize product protection.

Furniture for Generations

At our core, we believe in crafting furniture that stands the test of time, providing lasting enjoyment to both present and future generations. With a deep respect for tradition and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we place only the finest materials into the skilled hands of our dedicated craftspeople. Read more about our understanding of quality and durability and how it shapes our furniture production.