Furniture for Generations: Longevity of Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

It is our conviction that our furniture should endure for generations, offering enjoyment not only for today’s users but also to those in the distant future. In our unwavering respect for tradition and our commitment to sustaine excellence, we entrust only the finest materials to the skilled hands of our dedicated craftspeople.

In an era characterized by the prevalence of disposability, we staunchly advocate for the preservation of Danish quality and craftsmanship as an art form in its own right. Our continuous expansion of our Danish production serves as a clear testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding the rich legacy of Danish furniture craftsmanship. This time-honored tradition, distinguished by meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering dedication to excellence, holds a place of profound significance within our organization.

Our furniture is impeccably crafted and engineered for enduring quality – it comes as no surprise that a thriving vintage market exists for our designs, embedding circularity into our heritage. The longer furniture last, the more sustainable they are. Our furniture can and should be cared for, extending the lifespan. Parts can be replaced without discarding the entire piece, e.g., through reupholstering.

The Finn Juhl collection embodies the very essence of Danish design, epitomizing timeless elegance and unparalleled quality that define our House of Finn Juhl brand. Through our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, we ensure that these traditions remain vibrant and relevant, poised to inspire future generations of furniture enthusiasts.

However, our dedication extends beyond heritage; it embraces evolution. At OneCollection, we have cultivated expertise in the creation of both contemporary designs and the intricate masterpieces attributed to Finn Juhl.

We hold a steadfast conviction that furniture should possess enduring longevity. To fulfill this commitment, we exclusively employ the finest materials and entrust the realization of these exceptional creations to the adept hands and discerning eyes of our most skilled craftspeople.

Sustaining Local Production

Over the past 25 years, our production has found a home in our own workshop in Ringkøbing. In a pivotal move in 2022, we took over the company Schou Andersen Møbelfabrik, and with this decision, we produce the largest part of the collection in Denmark.

Materials & Certifications

Our steadfast dedication to quality guide a conscious and meticulous selection of materials, with a strong emphasis on durability and responsible sourcing as core principles. We always strive to use certified materials whenever possible. Each peace of furniture is carefully crafted and constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring they stand the test of time and can be enjoyed by generations to come.