Materials & Certifications

Our steadfast dedication to quality guide a conscious and meticulous selection of materials, with a strong emphasis on durability and responsible sourcing as core principles. We always strive to use certified materials whenever possible. Each peace of furniture is carefully crafted and constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring they stand the test of time and can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Green Guard Gold

Administered by UL Solutions, the Greenguard Gold certification strives to enhance indoor air quality, mitigate exposure to chemicals and pollutants, and promote better health and quality of life.

Greenguard Gold certified textiles

  1. Remix 3,
  2. Re-wool,
  3. Revive 1,
  4. Hallingdal 65,
  5. Canvas 2,
  6. Clays,
  7. Base,
  8. Divina 3,
  9. Divina Melange 3,
  10. Divina MD,
  11. Safire,
  12. Tonica 2,
  13. Tonus 4

EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel, established by the European Commission, is an independent certification that promotes environmental excellence, offering consumers eco-friendly alternatives by ensuring products meet stringent environmental standards throughout their entire lifecycle, including reduced use of harmful substances, pollution reduction, and enhanced durability.

EU Ecolabel certified textiles

  1. Remix 3,
  2. Re-wool,
  3. Hallingdal 65,
  4. Canvas 2,
  5. Divina,
  6. Divina Melange 3,
  7. Divina MD,
  8. Tonica 2,
  9. Tonus 4

Blauer Engel

The Blauer Engel certification is a renowned environmental ecolabel initiated by the German federal government over 45 years ago. It is awarded to non-food products or materials that meet stringent environmental and sustainability criteria.

Blauer Engel certified leather types

  1. Nevada,
  2. Cervo,
  3. Vegetal


PEFC and FSC are international nonprofit organizations and certification systems, focusing on responsible forest management to guarantee sustainable practices and the traceability of wood products from well-managed forests, while emphasizing social and environmental considerations.

In our production, we exclusively use oak, ash, and beech wood sourced from Europe, all of which is certified by either FSC or PEFC.

FSC or PEFC certified wood types

  1. Oak,
  2. Beech,
  3. Ash

Learn about Svensk Möbelfakta

Möbelfakta is a sustainability label for furniture owned by IVL and Trä- och Möbelföretagen (TMF). This label certifies that furniture and furniture series meet high-quality, environmental, and responsible supply chain standards. Read more about the certification.

Sustaining Local Production

Over the past 25 years, our production has found a home in our own workshop in Ringkøbing. In a pivotal move in 2022, we took over the company Schou Andersen Møbelfabrik, and with this decision, we produce the largest part of the collection in Denmark.